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Adapt and achieve with agile organizational design

Facing the ever-changing challenges of workforce planning.
Video and podcast on-demand – 30 minutes duration

Is your business struggling to adapt to an agile solution?

In recent years it has become increasingly necessary for companies to adopt an agile capability in order to efficiently manage the workforce, but doing this can be complex. Navigating challenges such as dual hierarchies, organization structures and availability planning can be a minefield.

In only 30 minutes discover how to enable a data-driven approach to Transformation in our first series of Show and Tell Solutions.

Meet the experts

Tie, Accessories, Accessory

Join Mike Bobek, Vice-President, Advisory Services and Akhil Chauhan, Solutions Consultant at Orgvue as they show you:

  • Why people are turning to agile structures to boost their business success
  • What does this mean from an org design and planning perspective
  • How to build agile org structures
  • The pitfalls you need to look out for
  • How technology can help

Don’t miss out, watch on-demand!