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Enabling a data-driven approach to transformation

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Published by Orgvue 

How can you plan a transformation program that hits more targets than it misses?

Transformation is inevitable in any business. Modern organizations are in a constant state of flux, continually adapting to take on new challenges. However, transformations are very complex programs with many moving parts and dependencies.

Studies show that nearly 8 in 10 transformation projects fail, amounting to $900 billion in wasted investment every year. For the few that get it right, they see on average 16% more profit each year. So, how can you make sure your project is in the 20% that succeed?

Face, Person, Human

Discover how to enable a data-driven approach to Transformation in our second series of Show and Tell Solutions.

Join our experts Brenna O’Hara, Vice-President , Client Services & Engagement and Rebecca Woody, Principal Solutions Consultant as they take you through these 4 key steps to managing the workforce planning associated with transformation programs:​

  • Strategy and baseline – Validate business priorities, create transformation scope and a data baseline to give deep insight to your current state
  • Future state design – Design org modelling scenarios and understand the impact at multiple levels so you can select the desired future state
  • Transition – Define talent pools and selection methodologies and map people into the new structure. Engage implementation teams and manage transition to future state
  • Monitor and sustain – Track actual progress against targets, understand changes from baseline, course-correct at will and report on value delivered

Confidently design and plan your organization for tomorrow

Good organizations don’t stand still, they constantly evolve.

Orgvue is a design and planning platform that helps your organization to adapt to the constant disruption in the world of business today. It brings together data to reveal the truth about your organization, which in turn enables you to confidently design and plan your transformation program.

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