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Free workforce optimization workshop

Apply now for this free two-hour advisory workshop with Orgvue’s expert consultants to quickly show you how to create sustainable productivity through workforce optimization.

Rightsizing in the immediate term

Speed is of the essence when facing a recession if you want to remove cost. Too often, businesses resort to reducing their workforce for short term gain, only to find it costs more in the long run when productivity drops and they have to rehire. The key is to be data driven, and with the right application to support you, you can begin identifying pockets of opportunity and risk within days, not weeks.

Workforce optimization workshop

Orgvue’s two-hour workforce optimization workshop will get you started faster. Our expert advisory consultants will use your HR data in Orgvue to show you where the biggest opportunities are within your business for removing cost – for free.

In advance of the workshop we will sign a mutual NDA and securely build your real HR data into Orgvue’s platform to run some immediate analysis to identify workforce optimization opportunities. Apply now for fast insights.

Why you should request a workshop

  • Quickly understand early, highest priority opportunities for cost removal for your business.
  • In-person or remote readout​ by our expert advisory consultants.
  • Bespoke analysis using your HR data.
  • A customized six slide analysis report which shows you how to create sustainable productivity through workforce optimization.
  • Peace of mind – At Orgvue, we put your data security at the center of everything we do.

Answer questions like:

  • How many layers do I have in my organization?​
  • Are my teams the size I want them to be?​
  • Are there too many contractors at the top of the organization?​
  • How do my headcount and costs compare to targets?​
  • Which department has the highest fully-loaded cost?​

Sample report

Workforce optimization workshop report

Analysis report sample slides

Request a free workshop now