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Multinational banking and financial services customer story

A large banking and financial services organization transforms its workforce to increase agility and resilience

Customer story

Using Orgvue for organizational transformation

This large bank knew that in order for them to be more agile, they would have to re-organize their operations staff from a model built around geography to one built around customer service. They also had a target saving of $60m over 3 years, for which they needed to optimize processes and run continuous organization design without needing third party support.

They used Orgvue to bring together and understand their structure, headcount, and costs data for the entire organization. They conducted an ‘as is’ analysis and modeled ‘to be’ designs for subsets of the top 6 layers in the organization, all the while uplifting their internal capabilities to sustain the processes and monitor the transformation over the next few years.


Cost saving

$60M cost saving goal achieved over the years.


Time saved

Project was completed in 1/3rd of the time.


Resources saved

Sixty percent of resources were saved thanks to Orgvue.

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Under normal circumstances we would expect a 20-strong team to take 6 months to do this, but with Orgvue a team of 8 did it in 2


Business goal

  • To reorganize 250,000 global operations staff, from a geographical based structure to a horizontal structure focused on the customer service experience.
  • To automate routine processing and document roles and activities, with a target saving of $60m over 3 years.


  • Brought in their data into Orgvue and aligned it to have a single source of truth.
  • Modeled design options and visualized scenario impacts, before making a decision.
  • Mapped the ‘to-be’ design against sub-group of 45,000 employees.
  • Built a transformation center of excellence for workforce modeling in order to own their own organization design efforts and sustain it over time.

Solution brief

Organizational transformation

Read the Orgvue organizational transformation solution brief to find out how Orgvue can help you to deliver a business transformation that delivers on its promise.

  • learn about 6 key challenges in organization transformations which you will need to mitigate
  • learn how Orgvue helps with 3 steps to a successful transformation
  • read a customer story of a successful transformation using Orgvue
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