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Accelerate workforce transformation

Orgvue has the power to bring people and business data to life through a richer, more visual organizational design and workforce planning experience.

Our customers
M&T Bank
Johnson & Johnson
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Anglo American
Bank of Ireland
HM Government
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Our solutions

For every design and planning challenge, we have a solution. Orgvue puts an organizational structure in place to ensure you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Helping you bridge the gap between workforce demand and supply.

Organizational design

Organizational design with Orgvue is an ongoing and cyclical process of continual improvement, with access to best-in-class methodology on a single platform.

Workforce planning

Through a combination of SaaS and advisory services, Orgvue helps you establish the target demand and manage gaps between workforce supply and demand.

Organizational transformation

In a constantly changing world, Orgvue has the design and planning capability to shift your organization structure, size and talent in response to change.

Mergers & acquisitions

Deliver promised value with Orgvue as your workforce planning platform – from post-merger integration and value realization through to workforce optimization.

Agile organizations

Successfully build, run and sustain agile structures for agile organizations with Orgvue.

Workforce transformation

Redefining the work and skills required for your business to thrive. Discover a new way to look at the workforce and learn how Orgvue helps.

What would have taken a couple of days to do in terms of organizational design, people are doing in hours now… it becomes an evolution not a transformation.

Julie Digby, Global Integration
and Transformation Leader, Mars

About our platform

Orgvue is the organizational design and workforce planning platform of choice for businesses that strive to continually evolve.

Our platform allows you to analyze, design, plan and monitor your organization. Our insight enables you to spot trends, capitalize on opportunities and plan for what’s next. All this so every foot you put forward is placed with total confidence.

A diagram of a cycle reading clockwise: Analyze, Design, Plan, Monitor

How we help

Accelerate design and planning with features and capabilities aligned to the objectives of your complex organization.

Starting with a clear and in-depth picture of your entire organization, Orgvue gives you the clarity to see, model and reimagine the future. We can help you adapt to change through continuous cycles of workforce planning and organizational design.

The benefits of Orgvue

Orgvue brand image of workforce person


Major global bank


cost savings


completed project in 1/3 of time


fewer resources needed

Cost reduction

Global chemical business


fewer resources needed


business partners collaborated


data records in one view

Organizational redesign

Insurance company


saving on labor costs


saving on managerial and overhead costs


reduction in organizational layers

Discovering and utilizing Orgvue has revolutionized my professional endeavors on many fronts, enabling swifter analysis and decision-making through vivid visualization to effectively convey complex narratives.

Jen Solo, Senior Manager, Organizational Strategy & Effectiveness

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