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Orgvue adds strategic workforce planning to its portfolio with acquisition of Dynaplan

Dynaplan’s technology will work hand in hand with Orgvue’s leading organizational planning and design platform, to make end-to-end workforce planning a reality for businesses

Published by Orgvue 

Orgvue, the enterprise organizational design and planning platform, has completed the acquisition of Dynaplan, a Swiss-Norwegian software and services provider of strategic workforce planning.

The transaction represents the continued investment by Orgvue in developing best-in-class analytics software, used by the world’s largest companies and management consultancies, to build more adaptive organizations in a changing world.

The driver-based simulation approach behind Dynaplan’s dynamic workforce planning capability, combined with Orgvue’s traditional strength in robust position-level modeling and visualizations, is fundamental to its broader business ambition to make ongoing, end-to-end workforce planning a reality and episodic organizational design a thing of the past.

Martin Moran, CEO of Orgvue, said: “Dynaplan will provide the technology and expertise to accelerate our product roadmap. This acquisition is a critical step in our strategy to become the leading platform for managing the workforce and workplace of the future. For our customers this will be game-changing as disruption continues to force businesses into shorter planning cycles and the constant need to redesign, redeploy and acquire talent.”

Magne Myrtveit, founder and Executive Partner of Dynaplan, said: “Without a solid strategy behind it, agile planning can become an instrument for making mistakes faster. In a world full of change, data from the past rapidly loses value. Dynaplan’s technology is a sandbox for simulating possible decisions with “data from the future” providing a new kind of input to decision-making. Through the integration into Orgvue, customers will be getting access to technology that covers strategy on top of planning and organizational design.”

Kai Berendes, Executive Partner, added: “We are very excited to be linking arms with Orgvue. Together we reinforce our customers’ ability to shape the future workforce and generate business impact. Our combined solutions offer an efficient and effective technology for bridging a challenging gap for most organizations: the gap between strategy and people.”

Together, Orgvue and Dynaplan will harness the power of data visualization and modeling to build better-performing organizations. The solution will unite HR, Finance and business leaders to make decisions faster with more confidence amidst constant disruption and change.


Notes to editors

About Orgvue

Orgvue, the leading organizational planning and design software platform, harnesses the power of data visualization and modeling to build more adaptable, better performing organizations in an era of constantly changing market dynamics. HR, finance and business leaders use the platform to take control of their organizations and, with data evidence, make faster, more confident decisions that get the right people doing the right work, in the right places, at the right costs.

Orgvue is headquartered in London and works with over 100 enterprise customers from offices in Philadelphia, The Hague, Toronto and Sydney.

About Dynaplan

Dynaplan provides cutting-edge scenario-based simulation technology for business planning. Since its incorporation in 2004 global and regional leaders across multiple industries have partnered with Dynaplan to establish robust and impactful workforce planning solutions to get transparency about risks and opportunities to cope successfully with the megatrends around demographic change, labor scarcity and digitalization. From offices in Manger, Norway and St.Gallen, Switzerland Dynaplan serves customers in Europe and beyond.

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