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Workforce Planning Forrester Consulting Study 2022 

Continuous Workforce Planning Navigates Future Uncertainty – a Forrester Consulting Study commissioned by Orgvue.

This new 2022 Forrester Consulting Study was commissioned by Orgvue to evaluate the state of workforce planning. To explore this topic, Forrester surveyed 209 workforce planning decision makers at large, complex North American, UK, and Irish enterprises who are exploring the challenges and developing workforce planning capabilities in their organizations.  

A common theme for the future of workforce planning 

Key findings identified in the study are widely acknowledged and shared across enterprises: 

  • 80% say workforce planning activities are important or critical in driving business outcomes 
  • 87% agree they need more in-house capabilities to manage workforce planning 
  • 2 out of 3 said their organizations plan to upgrade workforce planning technology

Download now

Download the 12-page research study today to share with colleagues and learn: 

  • Evolving needs for workforce planning including the need to increase investment in in-house capabilities while relying more on technology 
  • Challenges with workforce planning and structuring organizations across multiple teams and regions
  • Where organizations need to focus on people, processes and technologies to enable workforce planning to deliver business outcomes  
  • Key recommendations for a new approach to workforce planning to be able to drive value
  • Research data points to evidence in your business case to unite strategic and operational initiatives in end-to-end workforce planning

Download your free copy now