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Global retailer customer story

A global retailer uses activity analysis to develop a scalable model for their stores

Customer story

Using Orgvue for activity analysis

As the business had rapidly scaled, they lacked data on how people in the retail stores were spending time. There was a need to ensure the right time was being spend on the right work.

Using Orgvue’s activity analysis survey, they assessed 166 employees in North America, and conducted an analysis of time spent on activities by role and by store. They uncovered that 66% of the cost was spent on admin work, which was 50% more than planned. They then identified priority areas for process optimization, and defined how each role should look like in line with an optimal store model.


Employees surveyed

166 employees surveyed from 26 stores.


Costs on admin tasks

Survey found that 66% of total cost was spent on admin work.


Higher than planned

That’s 50% more hours and cost than the planned target.

Business goal

  • To develop a new global, scalable structure for over 500 stores worldwide.
  • To optimize the work, and understand whether employees are spending their time in the best way possible.


  • Surveyed 166 retail employees from 26 stores, looking at specific subsets of activities.
  • Aggregated global employee data to understand the organization and determine actual time allocation and accountability of roles.
  • Provided executives with data enabling them to confidently re-design roles and their internal labour model, and proactively course-correct in the future.

Data sheet

Activity analysis

Read the Orgvue activity analysis data sheet to find out how Orgvue can help with mapping the work that’s being done and assessing its cost. Understand whether you’re investing your resources in the right way. Discover how to:

  • build a process taxonomy and visualize the work your people are doing
  • understand how activities are being done and spot areas that need attention
  • model scenarios and see their impact.
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