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Enduring change: organizational transformation in a rapidly moving landscape

To be among the 20% of successful transformation projects, read this ebook to learn from organizations that have taken a new approach and delivered results.

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ebook on effective organizational transformation in a rapidly moving landscape

Getting business transformation right has never been more important, yet organizational design often struggles to keep up with the pace of change. Almost 8 in every 10 transformation projects fail, amounting to $900 billion in wasted investment every year.

So, how do you bring all elements of transformation together in a way that benefits the entire organization?

This ebook sets out three examples of organizations that have done just that. Representing the banking, telecommunications and retail industries, these companies have taken a new approach to their transformation projects to deliver results in line with business strategy.

You’ll learn how these three businesses were able to:

  • save $60 million in a third of the time expected with 60% less resources
  • recover the cost of project investment in 12 months by consolidating manual processes and improving data quality to reduce time spent on reporting
  • transition 12,000 managers to new positions in just 18 months to improve efficiency
  • consolidate 15,000 positions to simplify role hierarchy and reduce the number of roles by 75%

By changing the way work is done and introducing new work to produce greater value, you can begin to modify your workforce and reshape your operating model for lasting business success.

Download the ebook ‘enduring change: organizational transformation in a rapidly moving landscape’ now to find out more.

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Learn how 3 businesses achieved: