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Orgvue case study: global manufacturing

Workforce analytics at a global manufacturer of children’s products

Published by Orgvue 

the results


Only two months to collect, analyze and get get decisions from multiple sources of people data.


Nineteen percent productivity improvement identified across the global workforce.


Forty-two FTEs identified for reallocation to more value-added activities for the business.

Key benefits

  • Lower costs and risks Reduced operating costs, including lowering accidents related to long working hours.
  • Standardized metrics Allowed for better productivity and operating comparisons across 25 countries with over 7,500 employees.
  • Powerful insights Identified best practices to be shared across the business for optimum performance.

Extracting value from data analysis

A leading global manufacturer of children’s products wanted to improve its workforce productivity by unearthing the hidden value in its data. In recent years, the customer had faced challenges to maintain consistent performance and productivity across its global operations, which includes over 7500 employees, 34 locations, and 25 different countries.

Previously, the sites were managed on an individual basis, resulting in differences in how they collected, analysed, and reported operational HR data. Local HR teams had no standardised metrics. The inconsistency meant that there was no way to benchmark workforce performance efficiently and to share best practices effectively.

Improving performance and productivity through people insights

Using Orgvue, the customer was able to achieve data consistency and get valuable insights within only 2 months. HR and Operations managers were able to:

  • Collect, clean, and create an integrated dataset
  • Produce reports, ranging from reporting structures to departmental productivity scores
  • Visualize the data to test hypotheses and identify root causes of varying productivity, such as spans of control
  • With the analysis and insights gained from Orgvue, the customer held a number of workshops to identify and prioritize actions. Orgvue assisted local managers to allocate their resources on initiatives that will drive up performance and productivity. This led to a re-allocation of staff to more value-added activities and improved safety controls.

“There is definitely added value. It has shown what we can do with data, and we expect there to be more demand for the HR team to bring value with this kind of analytical approach.”

Global HR Process Manager

An illustrative view from Orgvue comparing productivity per assembly line.