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Orgvue financial services transformation case study

Hear how a major global bank have used Orgvue for their business transformation.

Published by Orgvue 

This major global bank wanted to transform its business and get more customer focused in in its operations. This included the automation of many back office processing and document roles and a restructuring of the 2050,000 operations workforce to reflect the changing nature of this work.

The customer projected this would be a 6 month exercise needing a team of 20 people to perform the analysis, make the recommendations and test future state scenarios.

In practice, with Orgvue they actually did it with 60% fewer resources and in 1/3rd of the time.

They were also able to build a center of excellence based around Orgvue best practice and from this team drove the program which achieved the £60m target.

Business goals

  • Reorganize bank with 250,000 global operations staff from geographical based hierarchy to functional, horizontal structure focused on customer service experience.
  • Objective: Automate routine processing and document roles and activities with a target saving of $60m over 3 years

Orgvue solution

  • Model design options and visualize scenario impacts using automated Orgvue analysis
  • Map and test the ‘to to-be’ design against a sub sub-group of 45,000 employees
  • Transformation center of excellence based around Orgvue platform for workforce modelling

Orgvue value delivered

“We would expect a 20 -strong team to take 6 months to do this. With Orgvue, a team of 8 did it in 2 months and still achieved our $60m goal.”

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