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Modeling for mergers ebook

Three case studies show how data-driven workforce analysis and workforce modeling can result in effective M&A.

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The three case studies featured in this eBook show how data-driven workforce analysis and workforce modeling can result in business integration that stands the test of time and delivers value to the business. Download the workforce modeling eBook now.

In today’s fiercely competitive world where organic growth is hard to come by, interest in mergers and acquisitions remains high. But despite the strategic benefits, mergers are disruptive and risky, creating uncertainty and challenges around restructuring and cultural integration.

While companies are ready to invest huge sums, the systems and processes needed to effectively reorganize the combined workforce can be complex and time-consuming. Having the right tools can dramatically reduce the time and cost of mergers.

In this eBook, you’ll discover three workforce modeling stories showcasing how organizations were able to:

  • successfully integrate 8,500 employees just one month after announcing the merger
  • model the job roles and organizational structure to deliver the merger plan
  • achieve significant cost savings through job and location synergies
  • cut time spent on the merger process from 36 months to 18 months

All three organizations developed a strong integration strategy based on workforce analytics. Using intuitive dashboards they were able to create a balanced, sustainable organizational structure that would drive the business forward.

Download the eBook ‘Modeling for mergers’ now to find out more.

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