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Sustainable cost control ebook

3 workforce planning case studies

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ebook on how to sustainably save costs through organizational planning

Preserving human capital value through better organizational planning. Cost as a risk to business is constantly on the mind of every senior management team. If managed poorly, cost reduction programs can lead to the wrong people and resources being cut, often at more expense in the long term. In this eBook you’ll discover three workforce planning case studies.

The way most organizations approach cost reduction today is ineffective and wasteful. Many organizations resort to sweeping cuts to meet their budget, with no visibility of the skills and capabilities being lost in the process.

Event-driven organizational planning of this kind will slowly but surely stifle your business. Instead, you need to understand your workforce and who produces the most value.

This eBook features three case studies from retail, consumer goods and finance that show how effective organizational planning produces a balanced, sustainable workforce that will preserve your most valuable human capital.

Between them, these organizations have:

  • Saved USD$50 million in costs, contributing to an 18% operating margin
  • Increased data quality from 60% to 95%
  • Reviewed work worth USD$5 billion
  • Cleaned and consolidated data for 250,000 employees in a matter of weeks

Bringing visibility and control to your organizational planning requires a clear, iterative process that focuses on work and activity rather than structure to manage costs. These case studies will show you how to change your approach to cost reduction.

Download the ebook ‘Sustainable cost control: preserving human capital value through better organizational planning’ now.

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