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Future insight: responding to organizational trends, threats and opportunities

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The models and approaches used by today’s organizations to anticipate change often miss the mark. Read this report to discover what can be done about this and how experimentation can help chart a course to the future.

Despite all the strategic planning, budgeting, and development of future leaders, many organizations still struggle to predict how their markets will evolve and to make timely changes in response to external threats and opportunities. People in the organization most likely know what’s happening and what should be done, but they often fail to act.

Download this report for answers to the following questions:

  • What organizational mechanisms are required to scan the environment in a structured way?
  • How can you build capacity to detect weak signals and, most importantly, take action to prepare for different outcomes by experimenting with alternative solutions?
  • What leadership capabilities do you need to improve your capacity to anticipate the future and act on it?
  • What are the elements of an organizational culture where people feel they can speak up about what they see and how to respond?
  • How can you build agility and flexibility in the right places, so you are controlled and ‘tight’ where it’s essential, while remaining ‘loose’ where necessary?

Get to the heart of organizational performance and the need for constant scanning and future proofing to become more agile and responsive to disruptive change. Download now.

“Organization design has to be fluid and dynamic enough to allow you to do multiple things at once: run a profitable core business while establishing new ventures, create space to work out how your core market might be cannibalized and develop your response quicker than anyone else.”

Rupert Morrison, CEO of Orgvue

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