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Infographic: Optimizing tomorrow’s workforce, today

See this workforce optimization infographic to learn why many senior decision makers at large organizations regret the quick decisions they’ve made. Our latest research reveals why snap workforce optimization decisions lead to negative outcomes in the long term.

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Businesses the world over are struggling to plan for the year ahead. Faced with an unpredictable market, many are making quick workforce optimization cost cutting decisions but will they pay for it in the long term?

Some businesses have made workforce reductions, while others have seen productivity constrained by labor shortages. There’s some speculation that predictions of negative growth in 2023 may not be long lasting.

Orgvue’s research paints a picture of businesses being pushed to make faster decisions in the face of slow, cumbersome planning cycles and ever more complex data. This has led to snap decisions with unintended consequences, often resulting in negative outcomes in the long term.

  • 93% – Senior decision makers at large organizations who have made a short-term decision with cost cutting in mind.
  • 38% – Respondents who made these quick decisions later regretted them
  • 24% – Lost talent they later realized they needed

Senior decision makers admit having a negative outlook for the future of their organization. External factors threaten organizational priorities.

Large organizations are clear on their strategic priorities for the year ahead but they face many external factors in making the right decisions to achieve their objectives.

Decisions made with cost cutting in mind don’t always produce the intended outcome.

  • 60% said these decisions were later viewed negatively by their organization
  • 24% said it caused employees to lose engagement
  • 21% said it caused a negative impact on operational
    efficiency and productivity

“It’s important that leaders pause to reflect on and respond to changing conditions throughout the year. 12-month planning cycles are now a thing of the past, so businesses should use all the tools at their disposal to avoid rash decisions.” (Oliver Shaw, Chief Executive Office, Orgvue).

How Orgvue helps

Orgvue is a SaaS platform, built to help you optimize your workforce quickly, while investing in productivity and agility in the long term. Whatever tactics you want to use, from cost cutting, rightsizing or skills deployment, Orgvue allows you to do it safely and visibly. Discover how we can help you meet your workforce optimization goals.