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Designing adaptable organizations

Research on designing adaptable organizations for tomorrow’s challenges. Large complex organizations have to master a core tension in their organizational design – to balance agility and scale. They can’t afford to sacrifice either.

“Organization design is an area where HR should be adding value and we need to invest in building capability.”

Rupert Morrison, CEO of Orgvue

The context for organizations today is one of complexity, interconnectedness, and digital disruption. Large global organizations have to maintain competitiveness by achieving a balance between pursuing growth, innovation, and responsiveness to customers on the one hand, and maximizing efficiency and the benefits of operating at a global scale on the other.

They also have to rethink business strategies and operating models as we shift towards a digital economy. Having an effective organization design that allows businesses to sense and respond rapidly to market changes is an important source of sustainable competitive advantage.

Organization design is a critical capability that organizations need to build in order to be adaptable in the face of today’s – and tomorrow’s – challenges.

In this robust research report, written in partnership with the Corporate Research Forum, you’ll discover over forty-five pages on:

  • Why organization design matters and HR’s evolving role
  • How to design and activate an effective organizational model
  • How to balance the tension between organizational agility and scale
  • Case studies from L’Oreal, Unilever, Rolls-Royce and more.

The research included interviews with 23 HR practitioners, experts and academics and an online CRF survey, completed by 164 respondents from the UK, Europe and the US.

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