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how to use data to plan your future organization

Join our guests from Prudential and International Game Technology as they share how they harness data to lead the future of work in their organizations.

Webinar: 45 minutes viewing time

The disruption we’ve experienced in 2020 is unprecedented. The global pandemic has left many organizations in a state of disarray as they find themselves having to adapt faster than ever to meet shifting market dynamics. Entire business models have transformed almost overnight. New, remote and socially distanced ways of working have quickly become the norm. And what was already ineffective and inefficient in the organization is only magnified in these challenging times. This is the time for HR and OD to step up to the plate. Business leaders are looking to you for guidance on what the future of work should be.

Join us in this session as we explore how to use data to: make your organization more agile, lead the necessary discussions across the business and help make decisions with complete confidence on what’s next. 

  • Shradha Prakash, VP Future of Work and Org Design, Prudential  
  • Noelle Maine, Senior Director Organization Planning & Analysis, International Game Technology 
  • Rupert Morrison, CEO, orgvue and author of Data-Driven Organization Design  
  • Moderated by Ken Ferguson, CRO, orgvue 

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