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Orgvue partners

Orgvue helps you differentiate by enhancing organization design and workforce planning capabilities. Accelerate time to value, engage clients with powerful visualizations and modeling for smart decision making and to drive organizational agility.

How Orgvue helps consulting partners

Accelerate projects and programs

Step change client engagements and enable agility, efficiency, and a constant evolution of their organizations with powerful visualizations, real-time data feeds and option modeling on the fly.

Align complex clients

Facilitate dynamic sessions with clients where consultants can reveal insights and model changes live.

Advance with a purpose-built SaaS solution

Orgvue helps consulting partners to evolve from sticky notes and spreadsheets, supports faster delivery of advisory services and enables credible decision making and sustainable transformation solutions.

Manage risk with confidence

Orgvue provides a secure, single source of truth across multiple workstreams and collaborators

Orgvue partner program overview

Partners can utilize Orgvue for projects or to embed multi-year capability in your clients. 


< 3 months <10k workers / single function

Use Orgvue for:
  • As-is diagnostic analysis
  • Opportunity identification
  • Zero-based reviews
  • High level operational model design
How Orgvue helps:
  • Data cleaning
  • Storytelling through packs
  • Model multiple organization scenarios
  • Activity analysis
  • Talent selection


Long term transformation programs, enterprise-wide, procured by client

Use Orgvue for:
  • Center-of-Excellence capability build
  • Operational/strategic workforce planning
  • Operating model management
  • Transition management
  • Org governance principle definition and tracking
How Orgvue helps:
  • Scenario modeling
  • People-to-position mapping
  • Activity analysis
  • Tracking & monitoring
  • Multiple workstream program management
  • Talent selection

What partnering with Orgvue looks like

Our partnerships typically start with projects and mature to include multi-year propositions and look like one of the following models:

Leaf, Plant, Logo

Partner agreement

Allows partner to purchase Orgvue tenants for an agreed duration and worker population to deliver their own project work

Referral agreement

Allows partner to register a lead electronically. A successful lead is eligible for a fee.

Reseller agreement

Allows the partner to resell (sub-license) Orgvue to their customer(s)

See the Orgvue platform

Find out more about how Orgvue can help you to differentiate by enhancing your clients’ organizational design and workforce planning capabilities.


Partner enquiries

Existing partner? Contact us today to find out who your contacts are in your Center of Excellence so that we can connect you with your Orgvue project managers and champions.