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Design your organization to thrive

Design to thrive. Learn how to do organization design with confidence to bring the best out of your business. Watch the on-demand video now. (30 minute viewing time).

Watch this 30-minute on-demand video where we will show you how to address the main challenges in organization design, using real life examples, and practical demonstrations.

Planning and visualizing the future of the workforce is becoming crucial for businesses to thrive. Organizational design is growing in prominence with every passing year.

There is a need for organizations to adopt a data-driven approach to model the future of their organization structures and workforce. They should also use technology to accelerate the process and immediately reveal the impact of proposed changes. This enables the right people doing the right work to achieve their business goals.

Meet the experts

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Orgvue consulting experts Gareth O’Reilly and John Lyon, will show you how to:

  • overcome known business challenges with org design
  • design your business to thrive, leveraging data for deep insights
  • visualize the future state and see the impact of proposed changes
  • decide where to investigate and model further

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