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Evolving your workforce in the age of AI 

Identifying impact and planning transformation. Watch our 30 minute virtual event now.

“What’s particularly interesting about AI and cognitive technology is the speed at which automation is going to come in, and the impact it’s going to have across organizations, and every role across the organization” – Abdul Hummaida, CTO, Orgvue 

Artificial intelligence and other cognitive technologies are making a big impact on how companies operate, and it’s causing business leaders to quickly and fundamentally rethink how work is being done. This raises some important questions: How will these technologies affect your employees? Where will they displace, replace or augment workers? How can you use them to be more productive, efficient and collaborative? And how can you make sure you don’t fall behind? 

In this webinar, consulting experts Ross Hill and Akhil Chauhan run through what workforce transformation in the age of AI means for businesses. They show you how you can use Orgvue to collect data on your workforce (such as activities and skills) and inform where your workforce will be most impacted by AI. They also show you how to navigate these changes and evolve your workforce quickly and effectively – from prioritization of work, to automation, offshoring, upskilling or reskilling – and how to effectively implement your plan. 

Meet the experts

Face, Person, Human

Ross Hill, VP of Global Services, Orgvue

Ross is Orgvue’s VP of Global Services. Ross is passionate about enabling business strategy with the latest theory, advanced analytics, and technology to help clients manage complexity and deliver quantifiable, on-going business benefits.​ 

Ross has led multiple transformation projects for Fortune 100 companies and has extensive experience building data-driven solution within complex transformation, workforce planning and org design initiatives.  


Head, Person, Face

Akhil Chauhan, Senior Solution Consultant, Orgvue

Akhil is a Senior Solution Consultant in North America. Akhil has spent years working with Orgvue customers going through transformative change programs, from large scale organization design projects to detailed work and activity analyses.  

Akhil’s experience spans the suite of Orgvue’s solutions. He is passionate about enabling customers with these solutions and solving their problems using technology. 


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