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Realizing M&A value through data-driven decision making

Video and podcast on-demand – 30 minutes duration

How can you address data challenges in M&A to deliver promised value?

There are many data challenges to consider when approaching mergers and acquisitions. And more than 70% of M&A deals don’t deliver the value they promised. From multiple teams with multiple data sources, managing inefficiencies and addressing regulatory compliance, it’s easy to run into problems leading to increased risk, cost and complexity.  

Our free 30-minute webinar will give you top tips for addressing fundamental data challenges in M&A, using real life examples and practical demonstrations.

Tie, Accessories, Accessory

Our experts Mike Bobek (Vice President, Advisory at Orgvue) and Akhil Chauhan (Solution Consultant) will show you how to:

  • harmonize data using visualization and automation to address data inconsistencies
  • set up a ‘clean room’ secure environment
  • model org structures, identify synergies and map talent to your future organization
  • track progress against plan and course-correct at will

Don’t miss out, register and watch this webinar on-demand!