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Organizational effectiveness: Balancing growth with cost

Get real-world insights from our online roundtable discussion, featuring expert commentary from Forrester, Danone, and Deloitte.

In today’s challenging business environment, squeezed by financial and workforce constraints, it’s crucial to strike a balance between cost reduction and preserving the right talent for future growth.

Our research shows that short-term decisions made for workforce cost-cutting can lead to unintended consequences down the line. 93% of senior leaders admitted to making such decisions, with 24% saying they lost talent they later realized they needed, 24% that it caused employees to lose engagement, and 21% seeing a decline in productivity.

This webinar looks into how organizational effectiveness can help balance growth with cost. With commentary from industry professionals, the discussion will provide real-world examples of how to better manage the risks in making quick decisions, giving you valuable strategies for success longer term.

Orgvue was pleased to bring together experts from Danone, Forrester, Deloitte, and Orgvue to discuss how business leaders can thoughtfully navigate economic uncertainty using organizational design and workforce planning as pivotal levers for change.

Meet our panelists

Headshot of Betsy Summers

Betsy Summers, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Betsy specializes in human capital management, with extensive experience in research, strategy, design, and delivery. She helps organizational with employee experience, talent management, HR, and IT to connect talent strategy to business outcomes.

Headshot of Vincent Favre

Vincent Favre, Senior Director, Global Organizational Development, Danone

Vincent is a senior organizational development professional, specializing in change management strategies and managing projects in highly complex environments. He has led various transformation and organizational design projects in the automotive, oil and gas, public sector, food and beverages, and chemical industries.

Headshot of Maya Bodan

Maya Bodan, Managing Director, Human Capital, Deloitte

Maya advises global organizations in designing and implementing people aspects of large-scale transformations. She has experience in operating model, organization design, workforce transition, talent management, and change management across the enterprise.

Headshot of Oliver Shaw

Oliver Shaw, Chief Executive Officer, Orgvue

Oliver has a track record in delivering shareholder value by executing strategies that drive growth in revenue and profit, while delivering world-class service to customers. Oliver helped to build one of the UK’s largest privately owned software companies to achieve a valuation in excess of £1 billion.

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Discussion points include:

Don’t miss this chance to get valuable industry insights and learn how to chart a successful course through economic uncertainty for your organization.