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Running effective transformations: maintaining data relevance through execution

Join Orgvue experts Joep de Bruin and Akhil Chauhan as they share insights on using Orgvue to bridge the gap between designs and execution.

In today’s business landscape, businesses are learning to navigate transformations, shaping their future workforce and crafting new strategies. However, data reveals over 70% of transformations fail, often at the activation stage. Why? Because as organizations evolve, baseline data evolves with it – making it outdated by the time activation begins. This tends to result in discrepancies and weeks of reconciliation.

Whether it’s an M&A, restructuring, or any workforce change, the critical question arises: How do you ensure your data is ready for implementation amidst ongoing shifts? How do you practically navigate transformations in a constantly changing environment?

Watch our webinar where consulting experts Joep de Bruin and Akhil Chauhan discuss ways to streamline transformation actions, mitigate risk, and foster a smoother, more resilient transformation journey. They also demonstrate how Orgvue can help bridge that gap by translating theoretical designs into practical executions that adapt to real-time organizational changes, granting both management and control over your transformation process.

Meet our panelists

Joep de Bruin, Consulting Manager, Orgvue

Joep is a Consulting Manager at Orgvue, where he specializes in guiding organizations through transformative change initiatives. With a focus on aligning business strategy with cutting-edge methodologies and technology, Joep is dedicated to helping clients navigate complexity and achieve measurable, ongoing business benefits.

With a track record of leading multiple transformation projects, Joep’s strength is in constructing data-driven solutions within organizational design, restructuring and M&A initiatives. His hands-on approach, combined with a proficiency in technology, enables him to deliver tailored solutions, drive positive outcomes and build internal capability for organizations undergoing transformative change.

Head, Person, Face

Akhil Chauhan, Senior Solution Consultant, Orgvue

Akhil is a Senior Solution Consultant in North America. Akhil has spent years working with Orgvue customers going through transformative change programs, from large scale organization design projects to detailed work and activity analyses. 

Akhil’s experience spans the suite of Orgvue’s solutions. He is passionate about enabling customers with these solutions and solving their problems using technology.


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