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Transformation webinar: enabling best practice with agility and speed

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Studies show that nearly 8 in 10 transformation projects fail, amounting to $900 billion in wasted investment every year. For the few that get it right, they see on average 16% more profit each year. So, how can you make sure your project is in the 20% that succeed?

Watch our 40 minute webinar and learn to fearlessly plan for the future.

We’ll show you how to achieve clarity on the best design option for your business, how to keep your project on track and bring others in the organization with you on the journey.

As an attendee, you’ll:

  • Learn how to manage transformations from a workforce perspective and how to translate strategy into successful execution
  • Understand the main causes of failure for complex transformations and what you can do about them
  • Discover what factors have a massive impact on the success of transformation projects
  • Learn how to broaden the appeal of taking a data-driven approach to transformation by using technology

Improve your chances of making business transformation successful and join us as we explain how you can set your project up for success by modeling the future of your organization using data from a single source of truth.

Learn the secrets of business transformation success. Watch now!

Chris Ducker
Head of Product Marketing

Head, Executive, Person

With more than 20 years managing teams that develop products, services and go to market propositions, Chris Ducker brings a fresh customer focused perspective to the traditionally tech heavy IT industry. Chris has a track record in thought leadership across the HR tech, SaaS, hybrid IT and telecoms business to business markets. Chris is currently leading Product Marketing for Orgvue, delivering data-driven solutions in Organisational Design and Workforce Planning. Chris is a regular speaker at industry events covering hybrid working, workforce transformation, product marketing and hybrid IT.

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