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Orgvue and Deloitte

Orgvue’s strategic alliance with Deloitte helps accelerate and improve transformational business outcomes for organizations

About Deloitte

Deloitte’s Human Capital Organization Strategy, Design & Transformation Practice redefines how organizations strategize, design, and maximize their workforce potential.

The alliance with Orgvue’s cutting-edge planning platform takes this to the next level by bringing best in class technology to accelerate time to value, and elevate data driven decision making for Deloitte clients. Together, Deloitte and Orgvue give clients unprecedented insights to their current workforce and the tools to align them to strategic business goals.

This collaboration between Orgvue and Deloitte is the gateway to revolutionize your approach to workforce planning and design.

Orgvue and Deloitte at HRTech

The HR Tech Expo, featuring 400+ HR & work tech providers, 85+ sessions, and an array of engaging activities, is the premier destination for HR and business leaders.

At the event, Orgvue and Deloitte explored the transformative technology shaping the landscape of HR and work today, while connecting with the industry’s foremost experts and voices.

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