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Creating a future-proof company through organizational design and workforce planning

Don Miller and Jesse Jacks of Deloitte join David Green on this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, sponsored by Orgvue.

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, David is joined by Deloitte’s Managing Director of Organisational Design function, Don Miller, and Jesse Jacks, Senior Manager of Organisational Strategies and Design, also at Deloitte.

As experienced consultants with a deep understanding of the current economic climate, Don and Jesse share their insights on building a workforce that aligns with financial and business goals.

This conversation will cover:

  • Strategies for looking beyond cost and head count to focus on skills, capacity and performance
  • The common belt-tightening mistakes that they see in the market, using client examples
  • How businesses should be thinking right now, and the importance of speed in decision-making
  • How HR teams can take on more responsibility in workforce planning and organisational health
    Using data-driven insights such us Organisational Network Analysis (ONA), to build an adaptable and future-proof workforce
  • Practical tips for HR professionals to build their capabilities and deliver value and impact to the business

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Organizational design

Shaping your organization to better achieve its business strategy.

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