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Naval building organization customer story

A customer story about a naval building organization who responds to industry shift by uncovering competency gaps within their engineering team.

Customer story

Using Orgvue for competency analysis

With major changes in the market requirements, the business needed to highlight the gaps in their skills framework, and understand how they could effectively respond to the changing landscape. They had already developed a relatively immature spreadsheet model to manage competencies, and a cyclical 5 year supply and demand forecast.

They used Orgvue to analyze their current workforce skills and competencies, and uncovered gaps and opportunities to drive change. They then drove engagement and awareness across the business and key stakeholders, and ensured they had the right processes to proactively make the necessary changes.



Thirty percent of competencies were found concentrated in a niche part of the business.



Twelve percent of roles where found to have been assigned too many target competencies.



Thirty percent of roles were found to not fit their competency requirements.

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Not only did we uncover some serious gaps in how we managed competencies, but we now have a team equipped with the right processes to ensure we stay on top of the skills market

VP Human Resources

Business goal

  • To respond to major changes in the industry‚Äôs requirements by ensuring they have the right skilled engineering workforce.
  • To uncover gaps in their competency management and workforce planning methodology, and drive proactive talent decision making.


  • Gathered and aligned competency data in Orgvue, leveraging historical spreadsheet models.
  • Assessed the workforce and identified imbalances and opportunities in their competency framework.
  • Established a concise approach to developing and assigning target competencies to roles.
  • Built in-house capability to visualize workforce gaps and needs, and enable ongoing and proactive decision making.

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Skills and competency analysis

Find out how Orgvue helps you to analyze the skills and competencies your workforce has today, identify the ones you need to achieve your business strategy and the gap between the two, so you can inform your people strategy and manage risk. Discover Orgvue for competency analysis.

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