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Planning for economic uncertainty: Workforce planning in action

Orgvue CEO Oliver Shaw discusses how to plan around an economic downturn and avoid making regrettable short-term decisions in this 35-minute podcast.

So far, this year has been dominated by news concerning the economic downturn that businesses now face. Many have undertaken mass layoffs, including several high-profile organizations. However, quick-fix, cost-cutting strategies such as sweeping workforce reduction can lead to significant unintended consequences.

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast from myHRfuture, David Green talks to our CEO Oliver Shaw about the need for effective planning in the face of economic uncertainty.

In this engaging conversation, they discuss:

  • How economic downturn and black swan events are making conditions difficult for businesses
  • Planning effective cost-cutting strategies that can minimize unintended consequences
  • What businesses can do to plan for the future and avoid having to make snap decisions
  • How businesses can begin to bring workforce planning and organizational design together

Listen to the podcast

Workforce optimization

Optimize your workforce to survive and thrive through market uncertainty. Manage cost and optimize headcount in the immediate term, while building resilience and agility for the future.

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