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Navigating change through skills: Maximizing your workforce potential

Watch consulting experts Jill Dobbe and Willem Potgieter as they delve into using the skills lens to optimize your business.

With the rapid development of Generative AI and the increased globalization of the workforce, many organizations are struggling to understand and harness their internal skills and the talent available in the market. While most recognize the importance of this task, few are doing it with the necessary rigor. Keeping track of organizational skills is challenging due to the constantly evolving nature of required skills. To stay on top, you need the right tools and approach. 

One highly effective option is to build talent within your organization. This not only mitigates risks associated with the workforce but also reduces internal friction and costs such as turnover and recruitment expenses. By aligning your existing workforce skills to meet your organization’s needs, you can go beyond traditional roles and adapt to changing requirements.  

Watch consulting experts Jill Dobbe and Willem Potgieter in our webinar where they delve into using the skills lens to optimize your business. They explain how to keep track of your organizational skills profile and fully leverage your talent pool, addressing a crucial question: How can you make the best use of the talent you already have?

We also walk you through practical ways Orgvue can help you maximize your existing talent, enhancing your organization’s flexibility and ensuring alignment with your goals.

Meet our panelists

Jill Dobbe

Jill Dobbe, Director of Account Management, Orgvue

Jill, currently at Orgvue, supports customers in deploying Org Design & Workforce Planning tech, advising on process development, alignment, governance, and capability.

Previously at Visier, Inc. as a Senior Workforce Planning Consultant, she aided 60+ global customers deploy workforce planning technology. Earlier, Jill spent nearly a decade at Deere & Company, focusing on Workforce Planning & Analytics, HR Transformation, Project Management, M&A, and Organizational Design & Effectiveness.

Before that, she spent 17 years in Strategic Planning, Analytics, and Business Development at a local health system. 

Willem Potgieter

Willem Potgieter, Solutions Consultant, Orgvue

Willem is a Senior Solutions Consultant at Orgvue. Before moving into the technology industry, Willem spent a sizable part of his career in Human Capital consulting, with a large part of his focus being on the development of Job and Skills Architecture for large enterprises.

At Orgvue Willem focusses his time on proving out the value for Orgvue’s array of solutions and application in the context of our prospects, customers and partners.


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