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How to navigate future uncertainty with workforce planning

Video and podcast on-demand (45 minutes duration).

Does your workforce planning approach help or hinder your ability to get the right talent in place?

Get up to speed with the latest insights from Forrester as our leading experts in workforce planning from Orgvue, M&T Bank and guest Forrester discuss their conclusions during this 45-minute virtual debate. Based on key findings from the recently commissioned Forrester Consulting Study, our speakers will be sharing their views on the need to align HR and Finance, as with a rapidly shifting work landscape, current approaches do not work.

One of the insights of the Forrester Consulting Study discussed in the debate was that 88% of enterprises agreed they increasingly need more regular strategic workforce planning. Register now to watch and find out more!


Glasses, Accessories, Accessory

Calder Flynn, Senior Vice President and Segment Chief Financial Officer, M&T Bank

Head, Face, Person

Russ Clarke, Chief Revenue Officer, Orgvue

Person, Human, Clothing

Guest speaker, James McQuivey, PhD, VP and Research Director of Forrester’s Future of Work team

Matthew Stewart, Chief Product Officer, Orgvue

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Discussion points include: