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Organizational risk & compliance

get a step ahead of the rules

Staying on top of the rules and regulations is a necessary burden for every business. You need to know that your organization is fully compliant, not guess it is, or the penalties and reputational damage can be irrecoverable.

Orgvue gives you confidence by knowing for certain where your organization currently stands and where you need to act.

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gender pay gap

In the case of gender pay gap reporting, doing the minimum to comply with regulations is a lost opportunity to understand the causes of pay disparity. With new insight, organizations can begin to manage and measure improvements, which can lead to a stronger culture and greater profitability.

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How to uncover the causes of a gender pay gap in your organization.
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minimum wage

Reporting on minimum wage payments is complicated by differences between federal and state legislation. For organizations operating nationally, this increases workload and complexity. By introducing an automated data aggregation process, businesses can relieve the burden of reporting and improve reliability of information.

health and safety

Protecting the welfare of employees and other associates is procedural for most businesses. But some industries inherently carry more risk. From manufacturing to mining, teams must continually evaluate their processes to ensure they uphold the highest safety standards. Detailed activity analysis can help organizations spot gaps in skills and experience, and identify process improvements and training needs to minimize the risk of injury.

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