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workforce analytics: hot topic or hot mess?

Published by orgvue

Workforce analytics has the potential to be a game-changer

It can help HR become more business-relevant, rigorous and evidence-driven. But are organisations ready to realise this potential, or is workforce analytics destined to be a passing fad? Find out by clicking on the infographic below, or scroll down to read the text version.

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The rise of workforce analytics

Workforce analytics has recently become a hot topic…

… And the benefits for businesses are clear

Yet for most HR functions, this is still an emerging field…

Making workforce analytics more of a ‘hot mess’…

So why is the uptake of workforce analytics so slow?

Lack of collaboration:

The data challenge:

The skills gap:

The value:

It seems many businesses don’t know where to begin, but workforce analytics doesn’t have to be a challenge…

Three tips to get you started

  1. Take a hypothesis-led approach and align your data to higher organisational goals.
  2. Don’t try to fix the data all at once. Learn more with our free sample chapter: The Data Goldmine.
  3. Use visualisation tools to bring your data to life and gain a deeper level of insight.

Download the full Strategic Workforce Analytics report.